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Coronavirus Update

Johnnie'z OnDa Spot is committed to doing our share in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Special measures are in place to help deep clean, disinfect, and sanitize your facilities. Let our team of professional cleaners assist you in keeping your offices, churches and fleet vehicles clean and sanitized.



Office - Retail - Church - Medical - School - Gym

Electrostatic Disinfecting Services start at $79


A commercial disinfectant fogger can do the job of sanitizing and disinfecting office space quickly and efficiently against the Coronavirus aka Covid-19.

First of all, this solution deep cleans and disinfects, removing biofilm that may be harboring micro-organisms using a highly effective sporicidal hospital-grade disinfectant.

We use an environmentally friendly product that kills up to 99.9999% of micro-organisms while removing biofilm, mold, and organic residue. We use electrostatic spray guns that put a charge into each droplet of chemicals as sprayed.

The droplet electrically is stronger than the surface it is treating, causing it to envelope the target area, giving complete coverage. This biodegradable solution is fast and safe to use. We also use a nano-coating that prevents the growth of bacteria, spores, viruses, and mold on every surface-treated.

For a bacteria, virus, and mold-free and healthy work environment, contact us today.

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Office Cleaning

Always Prepared

Offering Quality, Reliable, Honest, and Consistent Office Cleaning since 2017


Move-In/Out Cleaning

Attention to Detail

Just move and leave the cleaning to us!

Services starting at $100


Church Cleaning 



Quick Response Time

Peace of mind is only a phone call away!


Carpet Cleaning

Professional Results

With our carpet cleaning, you can expect great quality and value.

Services start at $129 for 3 rooms.


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